Show-&-Tell: FDA at the Port

In 1974, FDA added 14 mobile laboratories, which allowed the Agency to inspect imported foods at the dock. The law gives FDA the authority to examine imported food (and any other FDA commodity) to verify its compliance. If FDA concludes the product appears non-compliant, then FDA shall refuse its importation. This fundamental legal authority has remained … Continue reading Show-&-Tell: FDA at the Port

Food Fraud: Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is a ubiquitous food that consists of acetic acid, water, and other constituent sub-ingredients (depending on the source material). The forms are numerous: white, balsamic, malt, and apple cider. This common, and relatively inexpensive product, was a common source of food fraud and help lead to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug … Continue reading Food Fraud: Apple Cider Vinegar